KZN Marine Waste Network South Coast Workshop.

In developing on the four pillars of the Inkwazi Isu an implementation plan, today’s workshop of the Education and Clean up pillars, aimed to foster relationships between stakeholders and strengthen collaboration.

Each Stakeholder was encouraged, in the specific work that each organization is doing and the Action Group, will develop a plan to build on the work being done.

Learning from this Action group, the Integration with the Infrastructure and innovation pillars will assist, to develop a holistic solutions framework.

If one is going to educate people, to manage plastic differently, then the infrastructure is required to make that possible.

The Stakeholders and members involved in the workshop today are:

Action Group Chair: Douw Steyn
Project Manager: Dr. Emmanuel Sakado
Clean Surf: Denzil vd Westhuizen
Sapphire Cost Tourism: Romy Wenzel
WESSA TOTI: Bob Skipping and Colleen Gill
Social Waste Management: Juan
DSW Education: Nomalanga Gumede
Association of Clean Communities Trust: Guy Caws
Local Community Member: Mark Bertasso
Chairman KZN Marine Waste Network South Coast (Inkwazi Isu): Andrew Manning

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